The history of the Colomer Group spans more than 200 years. In 1792, the Leather Guild of the city of Vic (Barcelona) presented Colomer with the professional diploma certifying its capacity to commence operations.

Its activities have continued uninterrupted from generation to generation, which has made it easier to overcome the crises in the sector, the periods of upheaval, and the disputes that have occurred over the course of the last two centuries. Although export operations commenced at the end of the 19th century, the most important period of growth was in the 1940s, coinciding

with the replacement of the traditional empirical methods by a new capacity for technological research. This proved to be the cornerstone of the industrial expansion which has continued to the present day.

A commitment to the overseas market has always been one of the strategic objectives of the Colomer Group. Positioning in this market has been of key importance in basic areas of the sector, such as supply, industry and commercialisation.

During the 1990s, the Colomer Group formed two divisions. On the one hand it

focused on companies specialising in finished product, and on the other hand on companies specialising in the purchase and commercialisation of raw materials, as well as on industrial companies that process the skins to make semi-finished product.

As a result of the transformation of the clothing sector in Europe and the transfer of this industry to other countries where costs are lower, the Colomer Group has focused its current strategy on the raw materials division. At present, it operates with the following companies:

The history of the Colomer Group spans more than two hundred years
Industrial beamhouse companies
Adobinve, S.L. (Spain)
Commercial companies
Ledexport, S.A. (Spain)
Pieles Quintana, S.A. (Spain)
Pells del Llobregat, S.A. (Spain)
Pieles del Segura, S.A. (Spain)
Colomer Japan (Japan)